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Purchase process

Interested in one of our Cane Corso puppies? To start the process you will need to fill out the Contact Form to be considered for one of our puppies. Click Here

Health Guarantee

We offer a 1 year Health Gaurantee on our puppies.


All our puppies get their first set of vaccines at 8 weeks old. Your new puppy will have its appropriate amount of vaccines according to the age of the puppy at the time of sale. You will be responsible for taking your puppy to your vet  to complete the necassary vaccines required.

Socializing and Training

All puppies are socialized, exercised and trained from a young age in order to raise a well rounded even tempered dog. Click to learn more.

Puppy Education

We are here to help along the way.  Use the links provided on this page to help guide you when researching about proper care for your cane corso. Always ask your veterinarian for any tips on preventative measures when it comes to careing for your puppy!

Pet Insurance

We recommend getting Pet insurance for your puppy right away! Click to see the different Insurance companies and their packages they offer.

Health Issues Common to Cane Corsos

The Cane Corso can be susceptible to certain health conditions. They include eye problems such as entropion or ectropion, hip dysplasia, demodectic mange and a tendency toward bloat AKA gastric torsion and is recommended to have a gastropexy procedure done on some large & giant breeds to prevent bloat from happening later. Click to learn more about other health testing procedures you can perform on your dog with your Veterinarian.


The AIS PennHIP method has strong scientific foundation as the most effective hip screening tool available for dogs. CLICK TO LEARN MORE


Temperament should be an important factor when considering to breed. We believe in breeding mentally sound dogs and creating amazing puppies with even temperaments. We offer temperament testing on our puppies as a way to select the right puppy for you and your preferences. New puppy owners must research how to raise a cane corso and how to train in order to provide the right environment so that your puppy can grow up happy & healthy!

Will I need Additional Veterinarian Services for my new puppy?

YES! Your puppy will come with their 1st set of vaccines, de-worming, tail docked, our Bujoli Health Guarantee & your AKC & ICCF Reg papers so you can register your new puppy in your name. It is your responsibility to take your puppy to see a veterinarian within 3 days of receipt and to finish all the necessary puppy vaccine’s and medical care recommended & required by your vet for the life of the puppy. This is a life long commitment and we recommend you do your research & get Pet Insurance for your puppy asap! Let us know if you have any questions or click here to learn more on your puppies vaccine schedule provided by the AKC.org.

Dog Owner Mistakes

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5 Educational links for new puppy owners

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